2019 Summer Spectacular Begins June 24!

***You can still jump into this event with half-point byes for the first round or two! Email us at ThousandOaksChess@att.net or call 805-990-0136***



On Monday, June 24, we begin a new tournament, the 2019 Summer Spectacular!

We will be back to our usual format of five rounds and four sections: Open, Under 1700, Under 1300 and Junior Under 900. This event will begin the 24th and run until July 22.

Please click here for full tourney details!

If you would like to register for this event or have questions, please email us at ThousandOaksChess@att.net


 We will also be taking registrations at the club on the 24th, 6:00-6:20 pm. Entry fee — $25. The round will begin at 6:30.

Note that there are a couple small changes being made with this event. First, we will no longer be awarding trophies, but instead gift cards to the top finishers in each section (more details to be discussed in person at the club).

Second, the 100-point rule for playing up has been relaxed and modified to be the 200-point rule (see flyer for details).


Hope to see you there!