6th annual Autumn Blast begins Oct 22!

Mon Oct 22, the TOCC begins a new tournament, the 6th annual (2018) Autumn Blast!


This tourney will again be divided into four sections: Open, Under 1700, Under 1300 and Junior Under 900. The top 3 sections will again play 5 rounds, one game per week at a G/60 d5 time control, while the scholastic Junior U900 will play 5 double-rounds of G/25 d5 for a total of 10 games!

If you would like to register for this event, send us an email at ThousandOaksChess@att.net

Please specify desired section. It is always a big help when players register in advance, so we appreciate you doing so! We will also be taking registrations onsite 6-6:20 on the 22nd. 

Note that with this event there is a change in the 100-point rule for playing up. Now, players may play up into the next section if their peak rating is within 100 points of their section’s maximum. For example, if a player is currently rated 1580 but was at one time rated 1610, they are permitted to play in the Open section. Therefore, any player who maxed out at 1600 or above can play in the Open section, and any player who maxed out at 1200 or above (but is now under 1700 obviously) can play in the Under 1700. In other words, we are now going by your peak rating instead of current rating when deciding whether you are eligible to play up or not.

If you are confused and need clarification on this (or anything else) do not hesitate to ask!

This event will run from Oct 22 to Nov 19. Click here to view the flyer for complete tourney information!


We hope you can join us!