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Join our Club!

I have created a group on for our club! This is the place that we are using as a gathering spot until we are able to resume physical meetings.


If you are a club member and have a account, you are welcome to join by clicking the link below!


If that link doesn’t work, log on to Go to Clubs > Find Clubs > type in “Thousand Oaks Chess Club.” Alternatively, you can email me your username and I’ll send you an invite.

Once you are there, click the “Join” button and submit. Please let me know who you are for verification purposes. I will then approve you, giving you access to the group.

*Please note — I am only accepting players into this online club that have been to our club in person. If you are new, I apologize — we look forward to meeting you on a Monday evening when we resume!


This group is used by our club members to chat and keep in contact with each other. We hold events such as vote chess, daily matches, live tournaments, live matches and more! 


Note that Teams/Clubs on are not accessible through the app version. You must be logged into the full desktop version.

If you don’t have a account, it is free and easy to create one.


Email me if you have any issues/questions:


Looking forward to seeing you all online!

Club Closure Update

Mar 23, 2020

Hope everyone is doing alright! What a crazy time this is.

Here is an update on what is going on with the club.

Unfortunately, it does not appear that we will be able to resume our meetings for some time. Of course, it will depend on when the threat from the virus is under control, the stay-at-home order is lifted and the Goebel Center is reopened. Right now, that is very tentatively set for the beginning of May, but the closure will likely last into the summer and possibly beyond.

Due to this, I have made the decision to declare our 2020 Late Winter Swiss tournament completed as it stands. (We had played four out of five rounds, with the fifth round scheduled for Mon, Mar 23). Click here for the US Chess rating report, and click here for final prizewinners and standings.


I know it is a disappointment and definitely unprecedented to have to call a tournament off without finishing it, but this situation is obviously out of our control.

If you came in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place, we will distribute the prizes at the club when we resume.

When the club reopens we will begin a new tournament, which will likely be our 2020 Club Championship (the Club Championship tournament normally runs about April-June).

I will continue to post updates if we gain any new information.



In the meantime, join our new club!




CLUB CLOSED Until Further Notice

Due to the Governor’s executive order and recommendations from the CDC over the coronavirus threat, the CRPD has closed all their community centers and suspended most programs. This includes the Goebel Adult Center, so our club will be closed as well.

The center’s closure will be at least through the end of March but like everything else is up in the air. It could easily be for longer. 


At the moment, we are four rounds into our tournament, the 2020 Late Winter Swiss. The fifth and final round had been scheduled to be played Mar 23.

Around Mar 23, we are going to reevaluate the situation and decide to either postpone Round 5 to when the center reopens, or simply declare the tournament over as it stands after four rounds. This will depend on how long it appears the Goebel center may be closed for.

I’m sure most of the players would like to finish the tournament and I want to as well, but it wouldn’t make sense to keep postponing this final round indefinitely to be played sometime far off in the future. If it appears that the center may reopen soon, then we will reschedule the final round for the beginning of April. If there is still no end to the closure in sight, I will declare the tournament over and submit it to US Chess for rating as it stands. As I said we will make this decision in about a week’s time (Mar 23).

Our planned upcoming events, the 2020 Spring Fever Blitz and the 2020 Springtime Swiss, will be either cancelled or postponed.


So please check back soon for an update.


Stay safe everyone! Follow the CDC’s guidelines for hand washing and social distancing, and stay home if you feel at all sick or if you have been exposed to keep it from spreading.


Take care, and hope to see you all soon.