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6th annual CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP Begins June 4!

The TOCC’s next tournament, our 5th annual (2018) Club Championship, begins Mon, June 4!

This is a unique event that takes place once per year. It lasts for six rounds instead of the usual five, and consists of a single section instead of our usual three sections.

Prizes awarded include:  

  • 1st-3rd places plus nine class categories: Best U2000, U1800, U1600, U1400, U1200, U1000, U700, U400 and Unrated. These winners all receive free entries to future tournaments in addition to the usual specially engraved trophies, and the 1st place winner –the 2018 Club Champion receives free entry for an entire year!
  • Featured prizes for Biggest Upset and Most Upset Points (exclusive to this event)
  • Bonus chess goodies raffled away throughout the event!


Click here to view the flyer with complete event information (including schedule of rounds!)


To register, email us at or call/text 805-990-0136


We hope you will join us for this exciting, unique event!


Also, don’t miss the 2018 Club BLITZ Championship, which will take place on June 18! Check back soon for complete info.






2018 Shoma Kutasov Memorial Begins Feb 26!

The TOCC’s next tournament, the 2018 Shoma Kutasov Memorial, begins Mon, Feb 26!

As usual, this event will be five rounds and divided into three sections: Open, Under 1600 and Under 1000. However, one thing that is a bit unusual about this event is that we will be offering book prizes in addition to our regular specially engraved trophies! One of the five weeks we will also be doing a random book drawing before the round begins — so what can I say… get there early! 😉

Registration is still open for this event! If you would like to jump in with half-point byes for the first round or two, simply email us at




Click here to view the flyer with full tourney information. Don’t forget to check out up-to-date standings and projected pairings when the event is in progress!


With this annual event we honor Shoma Kutasov, a long-time player who patronized the club nearly every week from its inception until his passing on Mar 13, 2015. Encouraging and amiable to every opponent he faced, his wry sense of humor and relaxed approach to the game of chess will continue to be missed.

Shoma Kutasov

Shoma Kutasov


First Tourney of 2018 Begins Jan 8!

Happy New Year everyone!


The Thousand Oaks Chess Club is picking back up Mon, Jan 8 with Round 1 of the 2018 New Year Swiss. As usual, this event will be five rounds and take place in three sections: Open, Under 1600 and Under 1000. It will run until Feb 12 with one week off (Jan 15).


You can still jump into this event with half-point byes for the first round or two! Simply email us at


Click here to view the flyer with complete tourney information.


Remember you can always check the Standings & Pairings page for up-to-date tourney standings and projected next-round pairings.


Hope to have you join us!


Holiday HEXES Event begins Nov 27!

Closing out the tournament year at our club, on Mon, Nov 27 we begin a new event, the 2017 TOCC Holiday HEXES. This event will be a little bit different than most tournaments at TOCC: it will last for three rounds instead of five and will be divided into six-player sections (hexes) by rating. The top-scoring player in each hex will win a prize. This is a great opportunity to get in a few more weeks of chess before the winter break begins! Our time control and one-round-per-week format remains the same.

If you would like to register for this event, email us at Advance registrations help us tremendously! If you just can’t sign up in advance you can sign up onsite on Nov 27 at 6:00 pm.

CLICK HERE to view the flyer for full information!


Even if you can’t play the whole tournament, house players are always welcome and needed, especially in an event like this one!

This event will run for three weeks from Nov 27 thru Dec 11. After this event concludes, the TOCC will be off from tournaments for three weeks, starting back up in the New Year on Jan 8.


Thanksgiving BLITZ is Nov 20!

The TOCC’s next single-night blitz event, the 2017 Thanksgiving Blitz will take place Mon, Nov 20! This event will consist of 5 double-rounds of G/5 (meaning you play two 5-min games each against five opponents, for a total of ten blitz games) and feature $CASH PRIZES!!$ 

75% of the money that we take in as entries goes back to the players, guaranteed!!  — $55 for 1st place! Class prizes! Blitz rated —

If you plan on playing, sign up in advance by emailing

On-site registration begins at 6:00 pm and closes at 6:20. The first round will begin at 6:30 pm.

Check out the flyer here for complete information (including breakdown of prizes!) 

This is a special event that we hold about 3 times a year. No regular tournament round will take place this week. Our next main event, the 2017 Holiday Hexes, will begin the following week, Nov 27 with Round 1.

We hope you can join us!

5th annual Autumn Blast begins Oct 9!

As we slip into cooler weather and shorter days, the TOCC begins a new tournament, the 5th annual (2017) Autumn Blast. It’s hard to believe the club’s been around this long already! As usual, this event will consist of 5 rounds and take place in three sections: Open, Under 1600 and Under 1000. It begins Mon, Oct 9 with round 1 and will run until Nov 13, with a one week break.

Though this tourney is already underway, it is not too late to sign up! You can always jump in with half-point byes for the first round or two. 

Simply email or call/text 805-990-0136


Click here to view the flyer with complete tourney information!


We hope to have you join us!



2017 Late Summer Swiss Begins Aug 14!

Monday, Aug 14 we begin a new tournament at the club, the 2017 Late Summer Swiss. After the conclusion of our Club Championship last week we are back to our normal format of five rounds in three sections: Open, Under 1600 and Under 1000. 

If you would like to sign up for this event, email us at

Click here to view the flyer or see below for complete event information.

Especially make sure to take a look at the schedule, since it is kind of funky for this event. This event will run until Oct 2.

We hope you can join us!



2017 T.O.C.C. Late Summer Swiss

5-SS        G/60 d5      (5 round Swiss-System; time control is 60 minutes plus a 5 sec delay)

One round is played most Monday evenings, beginning Aug 14 and running until Oct 2. There are three weeks that are off — See schedule below.

Tournament will take place in 3 sections: Open, U1600 and U1000. (Exact rating ranges subject to change depending on registrants. May merge into 2 sections depending on turnout).

Entry Fee: $25

Registration: Aug 14, 2017 6:00 pm at the club, or any time prior. Advance registration preferred!
Round 1: Aug 14, 6:30 pm.
NO ROUND Aug 21 – Open play only
Round 2: Aug 28, 6:30 pm.
CLUB CLOSED Sept 4 – Labor Day
Round 3: Sept 11, 6:30 pm.
NO ROUND Sept 18 – Open play only
Round 4: Sept 25, 6:30 pm.
Round 5: Oct 2, 6:30 pm.


This is a USCF rated tournament. In order to play, you must be a current member of the United States Chess Federation. You can sign up online or with us at the club.

2 half-point byes available. Rounds 1-4 must be requested by 3:00 pm the Monday night of the round. The final round, Rd. 5, must be requested before the start of Rd. 3 (Sept 11). Byes requested later than the specified times will be zero points instead of half-points. If you cannot make it for a round, PLEASE let us know ASAP so you aren’t paired and end up forfeiting your game!!

Please bring your own chess sets and clocks! These supplies and more are available at the club for purchase.

The Thousand Oaks Chess Club is located at the Goebel Adult Community Center, 1385 E. Janss Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA.

To register, contact Cindy Lynne at or 805 990-0136

For more information about the club and to view up-to-date standings and projected pairings from this event, visit our website.

Congratulations to the Club Championship Winners!!

Congratulations to all our prizewinners for the 4th annual (2017) TOCC Club Championship! NM Larry Smith clinches the Club Champion title for the fourth year in a row. He receives the Champion trophy plus free entry at the club for a year! 2nd & 3rd place winners and class winners receive trophies plus one free club tourney entry. Other winners receive trophies.


4th annual (2017) TOCC Club Championship!

    June 26 — Aug 7, 2017


1st (Club Champion): Larry L Smith          5.0/6       

2nd:  Patrick Gordon-Davis            4.5/6               

3rd:  Marco Segui            4.5/6


Best U2000:  Fernando Sevilla          4.5/6

Best U1800:   David Steinhart          4.0/6  

Best U1600: Irina Ivanova          4.0/6

Best U1400: Vadim Romanoff            4.0/5 

Best U1200: Dhuruv Sankararaman           3.0/6

Best U1000:  Mariya Kiseleva                2.5/6

Best U700:  Andrew Belanger           2.0/6

Best U400:  Joshua Belanger           1.5/6


Biggest Upset (individual):  Riday Bhatrai           919 pts in Rd 2

 Most Upset Points (cumulative): Riday Bhatrai          1365.5 pts


Bonus Prize:  Steve Justin Choi            Amazing performance! 3 straight wins to open the event, plus the 2nd-biggest upset and 2nd-most upset points



To see final standings from this event, see Completed tournaments page.

2017 CVSO Results

 On this page are the final results and prizewinners for the 2017 Conejo Valley Summer Open!  (78 players)


2nd annual (2017) Conejo Valley Summer Open

   July 29-30, 2017



Open Section


1st:  Leo Creger V    (2196)        4.5/5            $550.00  

2nd–4th (tie):  IM Jack Peters  (2442),  FM William Duckworth  (2222) & FM Ildar Salakhutdinov  (2234)      4.0/5          $154.00 each ( -$40 each for free entry)     


Best U2000: Tommy Wen (1906)     3.5/5        $200.00



Under 1800 Section


1st:  Eliseo Javier     (1787)          4.5/5       $380.00   

2nd–4th (tie):  Bryan Xie  (1712),   Benjamin Bankhead (1796)  & Surya Bhamidipati   (1685)             4.0/5           $164.00 each


Best U1600  (tie):      Hursh Mehta  (1526)  &  Naren Krishnan  (1582)  3.0/5          $75.00 each



Under 1400 Section


1st:  Tanish Vora       (1336)             4.5/5        $250.00 + 1st place trophy      

2nd–5th (tie):      Miles B Cohen (360)   [2nd place trophy] , Nirvan  Raymond (1379)  [3rd place trophy], Trent Chu (1371) & Sasha Patibandla ( 1325)        4.0/5          $83.00 each  


Best U1200:    Mariya Kiseleva  (870)    3.0/5         Best U1200 trophy

Best U800:        Gary Evans (711)         1.5/5          $70.00 + Best U800 trophy

  Bonus Prize:        Jonathan Lin (843)       3.0/5       Amazing performance trophy


SwissSys Standings. 2017 Conejo Valley Summer Open: Open Section

# Name Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot Prize
1 Leo Creger V 2196 W15 W23 W8 W2 D3 4.5 $550.00
2 IM Jack Peters 2442 W12 W11 W4 L1 W9 4.0 $154.00  (-$40)
3 FM Ildar Salakhutdinov 2234 W22 W20 H— W5 D1 4.0 $154.00 (-$40)
4 FM William Duckworth 2222 W14 W9 L2 W10 W7 4.0 $154.00 (-$40)
5 Julia Sevilla 2031 H— W24 W19 L3 W11 3.5  
6 Tommy Wen 1906 W7 L8 D11 W16 W15 3.5 $200.00
7 Larry L Smith 2251 L6 W17 W20 W8 L4 3.0  
8 Craig R Anderson 2080 W16 W6 L1 L7 W17 3.0  
9 Teddie Wen 1999 W21 L4 W23 W19 L2 3.0  
10 Brandon Xie 1763 L20 W15 W12 L4 W19 3.0  
11 Martin Leung 2001 W18 L2 D6 W14 L5 2.5  
12 Joshua Z Rose 1992 L2 D16 L10 W22 D18 2.0  
13 Fernando Sevilla 1930 H— L19 L14 D21 W23 2.0  
14 Yevgeny Selivanov 1861 L4 D21 W13 L11 D16 2.0  
15 Eric A Woo 1835 L1 L10 W21 W23 L6 2.0  
16 David Baran 1800 L8 D12 W24 L6 D14 2.0  
17 Aaron Zhao 1790 D19 L7 W22 D18 L8 2.0  
18 Brenda Nardi 1790 L11 D22 H— D17 D12 2.0  
19 Eric Phares 2022 D17 W13 L5 L9 L10 1.5  
20 Leonard Vu 1996 W10 L3 L7 H— U— 1.5  
21 Eugene Kim 1784 L9 D14 L15 D13 D22 1.5  
22 Brett A Becker 1899 L3 D18 L17 L12 D21 1.0  
23 Brent R Bennett 1687 B— L1 L9 L15 L13 1.0  
24 Twain B Vinecour 1903 H— L5 L16 U— U— 0.5  

SwissSys Standings. 2017 Conejo Valley Summer Open: Under 1800 Section

# Name Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot Prize
1 Eliseo Javier 1787 D13 W26 W19 W15 W3 4.5 $380.00
2 Benjamin Bankhead 1796 W10 W4 W17 L3 W11 4.0 $164.00
3 Bryan Xie 1712 W20 W5 W6 W2 L1 4.0 $164.00
4 Surya Bhamidipati 1685 W23 L2 W26 W12 W14 4.0 $164.00
5 David Steinhart 1741 W22 L3 L12 W23 W17 3.0  
6 Samuel S Katagi 1731 W24 W12 L3 D8 H— 3.0  
7 Han Gunn 1723 D19 D13 D14 W17 D8 3.0  
8 Patrick Gordon-Davis 1636 D25 D14 W23 D6 D7 3.0  
9 Naren Krishnan 1582 L26 W24 L15 W22 W21 3.0 $75.00
10 Hursh Mehta 1526 L2 L23 W24 W26 W15 3.0 $75.00
11 Gary J Ilsley 1741 W18 L17 D13 W20 L2 2.5  
12 Ojas Mehta 1567 W21 L6 W5 L4 D13 2.5  
13 Yash R Vora 1508 D1 D7 D11 D21 D12 2.5  
14 August Yin 1408 D16 D8 D7 W19 L4 2.5  
15 Mark V Crunelle 1762 L17 W18 W9 L1 L10 2.0  
16 Scott C Haskell 1713 D14 L19 U— W25 D20 2.0  
17 David Matkins 1462 W15 W11 L2 L7 L5 2.0  
18 Vishnu Murali 1447 L11 L15 L22 W24 W25 2.0  
19 Jahan O Raymond 1424 D7 W16 L1 L14 D22 2.0  
20 Beverly Woolsey 1355 L3 W22 H— L11 D16 2.0  
21 Inay Vellore 1171 L12 B— D25 D13 L9 2.0  
22 Irina Ivanova 1453 L5 L20 W18 L9 D19 1.5  
23 Shravan Sriram 1354 L4 W10 L8 L5 H— 1.5  
24 Sabrina T Shenker 1431 L6 L9 L10 L18 W26 1.0  
25 Gabriel Lin 1350 D8 U— D21 L16 L18 1.0  
26 Avery Yu 1261 W9 L1 L4 L10 L24 1.0  


SwissSys Standings. 2017 Conejo Valley Summer Open: Under 1400 Section

# Name Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot TBrk[M] TBrk[S] Prize
1 Tanish Vora 1336 W17 D25 W23 W2 W3 4.5 13 15 $250.00/1st trophy
2 Miles B Cohen 360 W15 W12 W5 L1 W13 4.0 13.5 16 $83.00/2nd trophy
3 Nirvan Raymond 1379 W19 W8 W18 W4 L1 4.0 13.5 15.5 $83.00/3rd trophy
4 Trent Chu 1371 W11 W10 W7 L3 W6 4.0 13 16 $83.00
5 Sasha Patibandla 1325 W6 W16 L2 W9 W8 4.0 13 15 $83.00
6 Mariya Kiseleva 870 L5 W22 W19 W7 L4 3.0 13 14 B U1200 trophy
7 Vadim Romanoff 1314 W21 W9 L4 L6 W12 3.0 12.5 14.5  
8 Joy Chu 1234 W24 L3 W16 W18 L5 3.0 12 13.5  
9 Jonathan Lin 843 W22 L7 W10 L5 W19 3.0 12 13  
10 Destin T Petri 1227 W27 L4 L9 W26 W17 3.0 10 10.5  
11 Thomas Zhao 1075 L4 W27 L20 W16 W18 3.0 10 10.5  
12 Kshitij Patibandla 1325 D23 L2 W15 W20 L7 2.5 8 14  
13 Advait Krishnamoorthy 1272 W20 L18 D17 W25 L2 2.5 6.5 12.5  
14 Kaylee Yang 1328 L16 L23 W24 D17 W20 2.5 6 10  
15 Andrew Xie 1213 L2 D21 L12 W22 W28 2.5 5.5 10  
16 Ekaterina Kiseleva 980 W14 L5 L8 L11 W26 2.0 9.5 13.5  
17 Sanjay S Reddy 1017 L1 W26 D13 D14 L10 2.0 9 13.5  
18 Bernard Pan unr. W28 W13 L3 L8 L11 2.0 9 13  
19 Inika Vellore 1133 L3 W24 L6 W27 L9 2.0 8 12  
20 Riday Bhatrai 804 L13 W28 W11 L12 L14 2.0 8 11  
21 Rathin Vora 870 L7 D15 D22 H— H— 2.0 3.5 6.5  
22 Robert Armstrong 1293 L9 L6 D21 L15 B— 1.5 7.5 10.5  
23 Nolan Trickey 909 D12 W14 L1 U— U— 1.5 5 9.5  
24 Gary Evans 711 L8 L19 L14 H— W27 1.5 5 8 $70.00/B U800 trophy
25 Allen Esmailian 1165 W26 D1 U— L13 U— 1.5 3.5 8  
26 Brandon Lok unr. L25 L17 W28 L10 L16 1.0 7 10  
27 Julia S Petri 442 L10 L11 B— L19 L24 1.0 6.5 9.5  
28 Chetan K Mehta 1145 L18 L20 L26 B— L15 1.0 5 7.5