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Club Closed for 3 weeks — Mar 4, 11 & 18

The TOCC will be closed for the next three weeks:  March 4, 11, and 18.

Unfortunately this is a situation that is beyond our control. The venue where we meet, the Goebel Adult Community Center, is working on renovations during this time, so almost all activities that are held there are currently on hiatus.

We will resume back on Mon, Mar 25, with the first round of a new tournament (info to come soon).

Though there are no official TOCC meetings for three weeks, there doesn’t have to be a hiatus from OTB chess. I encourage you all to keep playing! Visit a new chess club, or get together with some others from our club and play casual games at the library next door or at a park or coffee shop!


See you back when the club reopens Mar 25 (and we will have new carpeting). ūüôā

Standings & Pairings

On this page are the current standings and projected next-round pairings for our  tournament now in progress, the 7th annual Autumn Blast.

This event began Oct 21 and will conclude Nov 18. Click here for more info.


SwissSys Standings. 7th annual TOCC Autumn Blast: Open

# Name Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Tot
1 Steven Porta Jr 1877 W6 W5 D2 W9 3.5
2 Arnel Odero 1932 H— W3 D1 W5 3.0
3 Greg Hamer 1860 W8 L2 D7 W6 2.5
4 Irina Ivanova 1697 H— W9 L5 W10 2.5
5 Joe Marcal 2156 W7 L1 W4 L2 2.0
6 Patrick Gordon-Davis 1893 L1 W11 W8 L3 2.0
7 Fernando Sevilla 1823 L5 W10 D3 H— 2.0
8 Avery Yu 1611 L3 B— L6 W11 2.0
9 David Chow 1914 H— L4 W11 L1 1.5
10 Samuel S Katagi 1777 U— L7 W12 L4 1.0
11 Naren Krishnan 1685 H— L6 L9 L8 0.5
12 Inika Vellore 1062 U— U— L10 U— 0.0


SwissSys Standings. 7th annual TOCC Autumn Blast: Under 1700

# Name Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Tot
1 Jerry E Chang 1329 W11 W7 W6 W4 4.0
2 Arthur M Marcal 1267 W16 W9 D3 W6 3.5
3 Mark V Crunelle 1694 H— W12 D2 W7 3.0
4 Joy Chu 1511 W5 H— W11 L1 2.5
5 Mathias Vanos 1409 L4 W15 W8 D9 2.5
6 Michael J Moody 1509 W13 W8 L1 L2 2.0
7 Ira S Schoenwald 1500 W15 L1 W14 L3 2.0
8 Aman Wardak 1462 W10 L6 L5 W12 2.0
9 Inay Vellore 1424 D12 L2 W13 D5 2.0
10 Riday Bhatrai 1304 L8 L11 W16 X14 2.0
11 Harry Vandenberg 1501 L1 W10 L4 H— 1.5
12 Grady Wang 1224 D9 L3 W15 L8 1.5
13 Ernest J Lauer 1387 L6 H— L9 D15 1.0
14 Prince A Rohatgi 1269 H— H— L7 F10 1.0
15 Maxim Fedorchak 1320 L7 L5 L12 D13 0.5
16 Robert Munger 1455 L2 U— L10 U— 0.0


SwissSys Standings. 7th annual TOCC Autumn Blast: Under 1300

# Name Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Tot
1 Vanessa G Zhou 1295 W6 W4 D2 W5 3.5
2 Joshua Bie 939 W8 W5 D1 D4 3.0
3 Angela Liu 779 L5 W8 W7 W9 3.0
4 Lori J Qian 1058 W7 L1 W6 D2 2.5
5 Inika Vellore 1062 W3 L2 W9 L1 2.0
6 Steven Porta 976 L1 D7 L4 W8 1.5
7 Arthur Yin 769 L4 D6 L3 B— 1.5
8 Vladimir Bendersky 1223 L2 L3 B— L6 1.0
9 Chuck McNary 150 B— F— L5 L3 1.0


SwissSys Standings. 7th annual TOCC Autumn Blast: Junior Under 900

# Name Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Tot
1 Ekaterina Fedorchak 672 WW6 X5 WL2 WL3 6.0
2 Eric Zhang 612 WW10 WL3 WL1 WD7 5.5
3 Shane Crawford 738 WW4 WL2 H— WL1 5.0
4 Rohan Chittum Jr 458 LL3 X7 WL5 WW9 5.0
5 Aarush Rajkumar 554 WW9 F1 WL4 H— 4.0
6 Justin Ching 268 LL1 X10 WL9 H— 4.0
7 Mus’ab A Faghmous 591 H— F4 WW8 DL2 3.5
8 Yeshua Schneerson 166 H— DL9 LL7 B— 3.0
9 Yusuf Wardak 245 LL5 WD8 WL6 LL4 2.5
10 Aarav Rajkumar unr. LL2 F6 B— H— 2.5



# Name Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Tot
1 Ekaterina Fedorchak 672 W3 W3 U— 2.0
2 Shane Crawford 738 U— U— W3 1.0
3 Rohan Chittum Jr 458 L1 L1 L2 0.0




Projected Next Round Pairings
*Please note: these pairings are tentative and subject to change at any time.  Due to players requesting byes, entering late, etc, the actual pairings at the club may be completely different!
If you are shown with a full-point bye — still come to the club, as you will likely have a game! Always assume you will be paired unless you request otherwise.
Players who forfeit a game will automatically be dropped from the tournament and not paired for subsequent rounds. Confirm with us that you want to continue playing and you will be reentered.


Pairings for Round 5. 7th annual TOCC Autumn Blast: Open

Bd Res White Res Black
1   Greg Hamer   Steven Porta Jr
2   Irina Ivanova   Arnel Odero
3   Avery Yu   Joe Marcal
4   Fernando Sevilla   Patrick Gordon-Davis
5   Samuel S Katagi   David Chow
  1 Naren Krishnan   Please wait for possible game


Pairings for Round 5. 7th annual TOCC Autumn Blast: Under 1700

Bd Res White Res Black
6   Jerry E Chang   Arthur M Marcal
7   Mathias Vanos   Mark V Crunelle
8   Ira S Schoenwald   Joy Chu
9   Riday Bhatrai   Michael J Moody
10   Aman Wardak   Inay Vellore
11   Ernest J Lauer   Grady Wang
12   Maxim Fedorchak   Harry Vandenberg


Pairings for Round 5. 7th annual TOCC Autumn Blast: Under 1300

Bd Res White Res Black
13   Vanessa G Zhou   Angela Liu
14   Joshua Bie   Arthur Yin
15   Inika Vellore   Lori J Qian
16   Vladimir Bendersky   Chuck McNary
  1 Steven Porta   Please wait for possible game


Pairings for Round 5. 7th annual TOCC Autumn Blast: Junior Under 900

Bd Res White Res Black
17   Rohan Chittum Jr   Ekaterina Fedorchak
18   Eric Zhang   Aarush Rajkumar
19   Shane Crawford   Justin Ching
20 ¬† Yusuf Wardak ¬† Mus’ab A Faghmous
21   Yeshua Schneerson   Aarav Rajkumar

2019 New Year Swiss Begins Jan 7!

Happy New Year! It is now 2019 and the TOCC starts back up Monday, Jan 7 with Round 1 of the 2019 New Year Swiss.

This tournament will be five rounds and take place in four sections: Open, Under 1700, Under 1300, and Junior Under 900. The top 3 sections play one game per week at a G/60 d5 time control, while the scholastic Junior Under 900 section plays one double-round (two games) each week at a G/30 d5 time control. Note that the time control for this section has changed a bit — from G/25 to G/30!


It is not too late to jump into this event! Email us at


Click below to view flyer with full tourney information!

We hope to have you join us!

Autumn BLITZ is Oct 15!

On Mon, Oct 15 we will be holding our 2018 Autumn Blitz!

Like most blitz tournaments at our club, this event will be 5 double-rounds of G/5 (this means you play two games each against five opponents for a total of 10 blitz games) and will be USCF Blitz rated.

Furthermore, this event awards cash prizes: 75% of all entries we receive will be given back to the players as prizes, guaranteed!

The entry fee is $15. To register, email us at or register onsite on the 15th.

Registration will open at 6:00 pm and the first round will start promptly at 6:30. 

 Click here to view the flyer for breakdown of prize money and more info!

We recommend that players be rated at least 900 to participate in this event. 

These fast-paced events are held about 3 times/year and are always a blast. We hope you can join us!

The following week, Oct 22, we will begin a new tournament — our 6th annual (2018) Autumn Blast. Full info on that coming soon.

Congratulations to the Club Championship Winners!!

Congratulations to all our prizewinners for the 4th annual (2017) TOCC Club Championship! NM Larry Smith clinches the Club Champion title for the fourth year in a row. He receives the Champion trophy plus free entry at the club for a year! 2nd & 3rd place winners and class winners receive trophies plus one free club tourney entry. Other winners receive trophies.


4th annual (2017) TOCC Club Championship!

¬† ¬† June 26 — Aug 7, 2017


1st (Club Champion): Larry L Smith          5.0/6       

2nd:  Patrick Gordon-Davis            4.5/6               

3rd:  Marco Segui            4.5/6


Best U2000:  Fernando Sevilla          4.5/6

Best U1800:   David Steinhart          4.0/6  

Best U1600: Irina Ivanova          4.0/6

Best U1400: Vadim Romanoff            4.0/5 

Best U1200: Dhuruv Sankararaman           3.0/6

Best U1000:  Mariya Kiseleva                2.5/6

Best U700:  Andrew Belanger           2.0/6

Best U400:  Joshua Belanger           1.5/6


Biggest Upset (individual):  Riday Bhatrai           919 pts in Rd 2

 Most Upset Points (cumulative): Riday Bhatrai          1365.5 pts


Bonus Prize:  Steve Justin Choi            Amazing performance! 3 straight wins to open the event, plus the 2nd-biggest upset and 2nd-most upset points



To see final standings from this event, see Completed tournaments page.

COMING UP: BLITZ Tournament Mar 20!

We are excited to announce the 2017 TOCC Kutasov Memorial BLITZ will take place Mon, Mar 20! This event will consist of 5 Double-rounds of G/5 (that means you play two 5-min games each against 5 opponents, for a total of 10 blitz games) and feature $CASH PRIZES!!$ 75% of the money that we take in as entries goes back to the players, guaranteed!! Blitz rated!

If you plan on playing, sign up in advance by emailing

On-site registration begins at 6:00 pm and closes at 6:20. The first round will begin at 6:30 pm.

See below for complete information (including breakdown of prizes) or check out the flyer here!

This is a special event that we hold about 3 times a year, and is separate from the main tournament. This is in lieu of the main tournament so no regular round will take place that week.

We hope you can come join us!



2017 T.O.C.C.  Kutasov Memorial BLITZ!

Come join us for some exciting, fast-paced fun!

  Mar 20, 2017    in our regular tournament room. Registration begins at 6:00 pm that Monday night and will close at 6:20. Or preferably, sign up in advance!

   Round 1 will begin at 6:30 pm.

G/5        5 rds         Dbl-SS        USCF Blitz rated

 Each player has 5 minutes for the entire game with no delay. 5 round Double Swiss-System; you play 2 games each against 5 opponents, one as white and one as black for a total of 10 games. Tournament will affect only your USCF Blitz rating, NOT your standard or quick rating.

    Entry Fee: $15 (cash only)

 Single section with class prizes awarded. One bye available for the first round. Blitz rated but higher of Blitz or Standard rating used for pairings and prizes. Must be a current USCF member to participate. Recommended for players rated 900 and above. Please bring your own sets and clocks.


75% of entries awarded as cash prizes, guaranteed!!!!

Prizes:       (b/20)

       1st Place:        $55             

       2nd Place:        $40

       3rd Place:         $30

Class Prizes ¬†—¬† Best U1800, Best U1600, Best U1400, and Best U1200: ¬†$25 each

Prizes based on 20 paid entries; raised or lowered in proportion depending on the number of entries. There must be at least 3 players eligible for each prize for that prize to be awarded.

The Thousand Oaks Chess Club is located at the Goebel Adult Community Center, 1385 E. Janss Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA   

For more information or to sign up in advance, email us at 


Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Midwinter Swiss!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 TOCC Midwinter Swiss! This event concluded on Mar 6. Hope to see everyone back for the 2017 Shoma Kutasov Memorial, which begins Mar 13!



Open Section

1st:  Larry L Smith              4.5-0.5           

2nd:  Frank Martelli      (tb)        3.5-1.5                 

3rd:   David H Chow     (tb)         3.5-1.5

Best U1600: Patrick Gordon-Davis   2.5-2.5


Under 1600 Section

1st:  Irina Ivanova               4.5-0.5          

2nd:  Sabrina T Shenker       4-1                 

3rd:   Justin Yao                3.5-1.5

Best U1300: Joy Chu           2.5-2.5


U1000 Section

1st:  Nirvan Raymond            4.5-0.5            

2nd: Jahan O Raymond              4-1  

3rd:  Grady Wang  (tb)         3.5-1.5

Best U700/Unr:  Mariya Kiseleva      3-2


For complete final standings, see Completed tournaments page.



Congratulations to the Kutasov Memorial winners!

Congratulations to our trophy winners of the 2016 Shoma Kutasov Memorial!

This tournament concluded on April 25.


1st Place: Larry L. Smith                5-0

2nd Place: Joshua Z. Rose             4-1

3rd Place: John R. Williams          3-2

Best Under 1600: Robert Armstrong         3-2


Under 1200

1st Place:  Aryan Gutla               4.5-0.5

2nd Place: Alex Harjoto             3.5-1.5

Best U600: Shravan Sriram     2.5-2.5


For final standings, see the Completed tournaments page. For all new ratings, see the USCF crosstables here.


Hope to see everyone back for the Springtime Swiss, which begins May 2!

New last-round bye policy

The TOCC’s new policy regarding byes in the last round of a tournament will go into effect with our next event, the 2016 Wet Winter Swiss, which begins on Feb 1.

From now on, it will be possible to take half-point byes in the last round, but they MUST be requested at least 2 rounds in advance. For most of our tournaments, which are 5 rounds, this means a bye for round 5 must be requested BEFORE the START of Round 3. (For the 6-round Club Championship it will be before the start of round 4).  For the upcoming Wet Winter Swiss, that deadline will be Feb 22 at 6:30 pm.  Any byes requested for the final round after this time will instead be a zero-point bye.

Our old policy, which was in effect from the start of the club’s rated tournaments until now, was that all byes requested for the last round were zero points, regardless of when they were requested.