Club BLITZ Championship Coming July 17!

The TOCC’s next single-night blitz event, the 2017 Club BLITZ Championship, will take place Mon, July 17! This event will consist of 5 double-rounds of G/5 (that means you play two 5-min games each against five opponents, for a total of ten blitz games) and feature $CASH PRIZES!!$ 

75% of the money that we take in as entries goes back to the players, guaranteed!!  $55 for 1st place! Class prizes! Blitz rated —

If you plan on playing, please sign up in advance by emailing

On-site registration begins at 6:00 pm and closes at 6:20. The first round will begin at 6:30 pm.

See below for complete information (including breakdown of prizes) and check out the flyer here!

This is a special event that we hold about 3 times a year, and is separate from the main tournament. This is in lieu of the main tournament so no regular round will take place that week.

We hope you can come join us!




2017 TOCC Club BLITZ Championship!

Come join us for some exciting, fast-paced fun!

  July 17, 2017    in our regular tournament room. Registration begins at 6:00 pm that Monday night and will close at 6:20. Or preferably, sign up in advance!

   Round 1 will begin at 6:30 pm.

G/5        5 rds         Dbl-SS        USCF Blitz rated

 Each player has 5 minutes for the entire game with no delay. 5 round Double Swiss-System; you play 2 games each against 5 opponents, one as white and one as black for a total of 10 games. Tournament will affect only your USCF Blitz rating, NOT your standard or quick rating.

    Entry Fee: $15 (cash only)

 Single section with class prizes awarded. One bye available; must request before the first round begins. Blitz rated but higher of Blitz or Standard rating used for pairings and prizes. Must be a current USCF member to participate. Please bring your own sets and clocks.


75% of entries awarded as cash prizes, guaranteed!!!!

Prizes:       (b/20)

       1st Place:        $55             

       2nd Place:        $40

       3rd Place:         $30

Class Prizes  —  Best U1900, Best U1700, Best U1500, and Best U1200:  $25 each

Prizes based on 20 paid entries; raised or lowered in proportion depending on the number of entries. There must be at least 3 players eligible for each prize for that prize to be awarded.

The Thousand Oaks Chess Club is located at the Goebel Adult Community Center, 1385 E. Janss Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA   

For more information or to sign up in advance, email us at