Club Closed for 3 weeks — Mar 4, 11 & 18

The TOCC will be closed for the next three weeks:  March 4, 11, and 18.

Unfortunately this is a situation that is beyond our control. The venue where we meet, the Goebel Adult Community Center, is working on renovations during this time, so almost all activities that are held there are currently on hiatus.

We will resume back on Mon, Mar 25, with the first round of a new tournament (info to come soon).

Though there are no official TOCC meetings for three weeks, there doesn’t have to be a hiatus from OTB chess. I encourage you all to keep playing! Visit a new chess club, or get together with some others from our club and play casual games at the library next door or at a park or coffee shop!


See you back when the club reopens Mar 25 (and we will have new carpeting). 🙂