Club Closure & Online Chess Update

Hello Thousand Oaks Chess Club!  Happy New Year!


It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update. I hope everyone is doing okay. 

As you know, the pandemic is worse now than ever, and as such the Goebel Adult Center is still closed. They currently have no timetable as to when they will reopen. Therefore the same goes for our in-person club.

When we finally have any idea about reopening, I will post here.


But chess is thriving online, and we’ve got many activities in our Club! 



  • daily matches
  • forum activities
  • chat


  • Several new special events and activities coming soon!


If you have not yet joined our Club, Click Here!

All local players are welcome. Click Join and let me know who you are for verification purposes. Press Submit. I will then approve you, giving you access to the club.


***Note that most events are NOT announced through this website or email. They are exclusively announced in the club.


Also note Teams/Clubs on don’t work as well in the app version. It is preferable to be logged into the full desktop version.

 If you don’t have a account, it is free and easy to create one.


  • Live Tournaments begin at 6:30 each Monday evening. They alternate between a Rapid Swiss one week and another type of tourney the next week. For example: week 1 — rapid swiss, week 2 — blitz arena, week 3 — rapid swiss, week 4 — slow swiss, week 5 — rapid swiss, week 6 — variant arena. Upcoming tourneys are announced on a few days in advance.

           Click here for more info

Winners receive points, which accumulate on the Leaderboard. View here
  • Correspondence (daily) tournament: Five days/move, Group size 5, 4 simultaneous games. Begins Feb 27   register now! Daily leaderboard coming soon. 
I hope to see you online!