Club Closure Update

July 11, 2020


I hope everyone is staying safe throughout these crazy times.


 It has been a while since I’ve provided an update and I wanted to do so here.

The bit of information I have is unfortunate. The other day, we received word from the Goebel Center, our club’s meeting place. They told us that, due to the current state of the pandemic, the center will not be opening back up for reservations until January 2021. At least, that is the date that has been set. Right now, the center is hosting some essential activities like meal programs, but all outside activities like our club will remain on pause. My guess is that this has to do with it being a community center for seniors, which is the age demographic that is at the most risk of serious illness from the virus. Although, with the recent surge in cases county, state and nationwide, all community centers in the area will likely go back to being closed soon anyhow.


Since we will be unable to resume in-person club meetings for at least another six months, this is definitely the time to plug into online chess! Our club will continue to host live tournaments and other events through our group.


We typically hold weekly rapid events on Monday evenings (time control 15+10). On Saturday afternoons we hold a medley of events including blitz arenas, slow swisses and variant tourneys. There are also occasional events on Thurs evenings. 


In addition to live tournaments we hold activities such as vote chess, correspondence matches and tournaments, and a chat forum.  


There’s also an interest list for holding a slow, one-round-per-week, US Chess online rated tournament (Add your name!)


Hope to see you online!

 _ _ _ _