Join our Club!

I have created a group on for our club! This is the place that we are using as a gathering spot until we are able to resume physical meetings.


If you are a club member and have a account, you are welcome to join by clicking the link below!


If that link doesn’t work, log on to Go to Clubs > Find Clubs > type in “Thousand Oaks Chess Club.” Alternatively, you can email me your username and I’ll send you an invite.

Once you are there, click the “Join” button and submit. Please let me know who you are for verification purposes. I will then approve you, giving you access to the group.

*Please note — I am only accepting players into this online club that have been to our club in person. If you are new, I apologize — we look forward to meeting you on a Monday evening when we resume!


This group is used by our club members to chat and keep in contact with each other. We hold events such as vote chess, daily matches, live tournaments, live matches and more! 


Note that Teams/Clubs on don’t work as well in the app version. It is preferable to be logged into the full desktop version.

If you don’t have a account, it is free and easy to create one.


**Note that I do NOT announce tournaments/events on this website. They are exclusively posted to the group.



Email me if you have any issues/questions:


Looking forward to seeing you all online!