Late Summer Swiss Begins July 30 — NEW Junior section w/ dbl-rounds!

–It is not too late to jump into this event — email us at–


The TOCC’s next tournament, the 2018 Late Summer Swiss, begins on July 30!

With this event we are trying out something a little bit different. There will be four sections: Open, Under 1700, Under 1300 and Junior Under 900.

The first three sections will have the same format and time control that you are all used to: 5 rounds with one round each Monday night at G/60, d5.

The last section, Junior Under 900, will be a scholastic section (open to K-12 players only), and will play 5 double-rounds at a G/25, d5 time control. This means that players in this section will play two games against the same opponent each Monday night, for a total of 10 games in the tournament!

Note that scholastic players rated under 900 have the option to play in the Junior U900 section OR the regular U1300 section. You can choose whether you want the double, faster games or the typical single longer game.

This event begins July 30 and will run until Aug 27. Click here to view the flyer for complete info!

To register for this event, email us at Please specify which section you would like to play in.

I believe this format is a great opportunity for newer, younger players as it will allow them to get more tournament games in, thereby establishing ratings and improving more quickly!

Feel free to email us with any questions (if they are not answered by this announcement or the flyer ?).

We hope you can join us!